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After you get your tattoo, we will start a follow-up period of 30 days to make sure that everything goes well during the healing process.


– Biosafety – all materials used in the Studio are disposable and of high quality.
– We provide bandages for better healing of your tattoo.
– After finishing your tattoo, the artist will explain all the necessary care for you to take during the healing process.

Project development

This is one of the most important steps as this is where your tattoo will be planned out:
– Symmetry and anatomy – it is important that your tattoo respect the measurements and symmetry of your body for a better fit and fluidity of the design.
– Aesthetics – more than just a drawing, the tattoo is an extension of our style and an aesthetic accessory.
– Colors – in this step, the goal is to select a color palette according to your skin tone.
– Execution planning – in case of a large tattoo drawing, we will plan according to the client’s availability, dividing it into parts so that in each session the artist can deliver his best work without compromising the quality of the tattoo.


Before the first tattoo sketch, we do a research taking into account the following factors:
– Trends – tattooing is a permanent art and it is extremely important to project what your tattoo will look like in a few years.
– New designs – besides being permanent, a tattoo is something unique and in this stage, we will present new designs for your idea in addition to those well-known tattoos that have been circulating on the internet for years.


– Reason – You don’t really need to have an overly sentimental or profound reason to get a tattoo. Just make sure that whatever reason you come up with, you will be able to stand by it.
– Location/placement – Consider things like aesthetics, how much you want the tattoo to show off and how it looks on you.
– Style – What would be the best style for your idea?